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Transmission Services

Transmissions are key components of most vehicles, but they can also be incredibly tricky. Some types of transmissions can’t even be repaired, piece-by-piece, and need to be replaced, altogether. Depending on the transmission, this can cost quite a pretty penny. Because of this, servicing and maintaining your transmission is an important service that elongates the life of your vehicle. At Master Lube Roy, our technicians are well acquainted with various styles and brands of transmissions, and can help you with a variety of transmission maintenance services.

Automatic Transmission Service

Automatic transmissions help take power from the engine and use it to spin the wheels, enabling the vehicle to drive. Continuous usage causes the fluid inside of the transmission to degrade and fall apart. Manufacturers generally have recommended intervals where owners should get the transmission fluid replaced. These intervals are measured in both years and miles, but may vary depending on the level of stress on the vehicle. Properly maintaining your automatic transmission with regular fluid changes helps to prolong the life and enhance the performance of the vehicle. The technicians at Master Lube can give you educated information about servicing your vehicle’s automatic transmission, replace filters to keep the transmission fluid clean, and can properly change the transmission fluid with the appropriate replacement.

Manual Transmission Service

Manual transmissions operate in a similar way to automatic transmissions, but they require the operator of the vehicle to move between the different gears to keep the vehicle at the appropriate RPMs that give it the best performance. The transmission fluid in a manual transmission help make it easy to move between the different gears, or ‘bands’. Failing to replace the transmission fluid, over time, will make it more difficult to shift gears, and can potentially cause jams that make it impossible, or highly difficult, to shift or get into gear. Our certified transmission technicians perform and oversee each and every manual transmission repair, and can ensure that each part of your transmission is services according the to recommendations of the manufacturer.

Transmission Fluid Exchange

Manual transmission lubricant protects gears, bearings, shafts and other internal components. Changing the manual transmission fluid at Master Lube at the vehicle manufacturer's recommended interval can help prevent premature wear, damage to the transmission and costly repairs. Automatic transmission fluid lubricates, cools, and cleans internal transmission parts. Additives in the fluid can deplete over time and many manufacturers recommend that it be replaced periodically. Manual transmissions also contain fluid to lubricate the gears.

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